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Developed a driving simulator and released a CarSim script for Unity.

Best Media Inc. is pleased to announce that it has started contracted development of a driving simulator and has released a CarSim script for Unity.


Best Media has been involved in a number of automobile-related prototypes and show cars as development support. In the last few years, demand for driving simulators has been increasing, and we have been creating simple systems based on game engines for our customers. In this case, the behavior of your car in the game engine will inevitably become game-like.
That's why we focused on CarSim, which has many requests. Best Media has been developing with C# as the main tool, but CarSim itself doesn't exist in Unity, although a plugin for Unreal Engine is available. Then, we felt the necessity of Unity, diverted the plug-in source of the Unreal Engine to Mechanical Simulation in the U.S. headquarters via the Japanese agency Virtual Mechanics, obtained permission to create a script for Unity, and started the development of the CarSim script for Unity.

The script is still under development, but based on the future impact of COVID-19 and the strength of our own development of this script, we formally announced the commissioned development of a driving simulator at an early stage. At that time, we felt that the original Unreal plug-in was free and that the demand for driving simulators would increase more and more due to automated driving, so we decided to release this script as an open source.

For more information about the script, see the public GitHub link below.

*The script is an MIT license.
*Please note that Virtual Mechanics and Mechanical Simulation are not supported.

We have also created a demo system to coincide with this announcement.

Demo system

We have not yet been able to show all that we can do in the demo, but we will continue to enhance it in the future.
Also, there are some things that can't be done in reverse, so please contact us below if you're interested.

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